Our Work–Study Students Shine!

The School of Education celebrated the department’s three work-study students during Version 2the month of April for Student Employment Month. As seen in the above photo (from left to right), freshman work-study student Nicole Carino, senior work-study student Alex Keysselitz, and graduate assistant Caitlyn Gavranich, were acknowledged for their tremendous support in a variety of ways. In early April, the front desk office was brightly decorated with stars and metallic decor to acknowledge the “shining” impact each student worker has demonstrated throughout the past year. On April 11th, each student was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation in the presence of faculty and staff to recognize their comprehensive contributions. During the department-wide presentation, faculty had the opportunity to honor the students by sharing reflective statements about each individual and how their efforts have added an immeasurable value to daily office operations. To “sweeten” the celebration, each week students arrived to find special surprise treats placed on their desks as pictured throughout this post.

Baskets picked for you

Working collaboratively with faculty and staff have prepared the students with the skills and experience necessary to thrive in their chosen career paths. The relationships they have built will also serve to guide them with their future goals. Each work-study student has worked diligently to forge their own academic paths and their work study experiences have shaped a supportive background in professional development which will carry long-term value. Below are key learnings shared by each work-study student.

Nicole Carino: First Year Student, class of 2021, 1st year work study student

“Working at the School of Education so far has taught me how to become a better student at large. One of the biggest skills that I have been able to master is organization. I have been assigned a lot of projects that required filing and/or transferring documents from paper to online and not only is it necessary to make sure each document is included in the transfer, but also I need to make sure that other people can easily navigate through those files. Additionally, being around organized professors has inspired me to apply better organization skills into my own classwork; so when I have free time, I usually use that time to make notes of my schedule in planners and to organize my classwork.”

Caitlyn Gavranich: MEd Candidate, class of 2018, Graduate Assistant

“While working in the School of Education, I have had the opportunity to observe the dedication and hard work of every staff member and educator. I have witnessed long hours worked, tough conversations had, and the deep desire to create a learning environment that is rich and diverse. The opportunity as a current student to see the behind the scenes work has made me truly grateful and so supported as a student in the School of Education.  Seeing the dedication and work that the members of the School of Education put in encourages and inspires me as I begin my journey of a career in education.”

Alex Keysselitz: Senior, class of 2018, 4th year work study student

“I have learned so much working for the School of Education, things like patience, kindness, the power of a supportive smile and a simple “hello”. The third floor of Howarth is home to the most amazing group of people. However, what I will take away most from the School of Education is that if scanning 10,000 files is possible–anything is possible.”


These thoughtful reflections from student viewpoints carry a weighted significance for both the student worker and the office. The daily tasks and ongoing projects accomplished by the students have directly supported the faculty and staff. For these accomplishments, the School of Education is grateful to have such dedicated student workers. Thank you Caitlyn, Alex and Nicole – you have all made a difference and continue to shine bright!

Harris headshotSarah Harris is the Office Coordinator in the University of Puget Sound School of Education and works closely with our work–study students.